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Forum: FastBit used in NTOP

Posted by: John Kesheng Wu
Date: 2010-05-18 15:50
Summary: FastBit used in NTOP
Project: FastBit indexing software


Luca Deri, Valeria Lorenzetti, and Steve Mortimer has just reported a set of experiment on using FastBit to process network traffic monitoring data (http://www.springerlink.com/content/t35085401725x465/fulltext.pdf). Here is the title and abstract of their paper.

Collection and Exploration of Large Data Monitoring Sets Using Bitmap Databases

Abstract. Collecting and exploring monitoring data is becoming increasingly
challenging as networks become larger and faster. Solutions based on both
SQL-databases and specialized binary formats do not scale well as the amount
of monitoring information increases. This paper presents a novel approach to
the problem by using a bitmap database that allowed the authors to implement
an efficient solution for both data collection and retrieval. The validation
process on production networks has demonstrated the advantage of the proposed
solution over traditional approaches. This makes it suitable for efficiently
handling and interactively exploring large data monitoring sets.
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