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Forum: New Java Interface for FastBit

Posted by: John Kesheng Wu
Date: 2010-09-14 18:27
Summary: New Java Interface for FastBit
Project: FastBit indexing software


Olaf Walkowiak and colleagues have developed Java interface for FastBit. Announcement from Andreas Streichardt is attached.


a colleague of mine has just released an alternative JNI Binding for Fastbit


The main difference to the standard Java bindings (which are based on the C
API) is that it is based on the C++ API of fastbit. The C API is missing some
key features of the C++ API which we needed internally here. This allows way
more possibilities to use Fastbit in Java. It currently only covers the
objects/methods which we needed here. It is far away from being complete but
might be a good start for others as well.

Examples can be found in the JUnit tests directory.

Kind regards,

Andreas Streichardt
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