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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Voro++2d_NonconvexAdditions_Part1

Release Notes
These files include modifications in 
     -Created appropriate data structure to represent nonconvex boundary
     -Slight modifications to compute_cellsphere, the comment //MODIFIED is next to all modified code.

     -Created new instance variables holding necessary information about the nonconvexity. *Reg1 and *Reg2
     -Created init_nonconvex algorithm which appropriately sets up the instance variables for nonconvex "problem points." Please read the header of init_nonconvex before using.
     -Created plane_nonconvex and half_plane which work together to do plane cuts on cells that have a nonconvexity.

There were also the corresponding changes made to cell_2d.hh and container_2d.hh

Also included is simple_nonconvex_test.cc which can give the user a feel for how to use these new functions.